About The Bubble Alchemist

The Bubble Alchemist Soap Co. is all about making all-natural, additive-free, better-than-store-bought artisanal soaps. Our soaps are quite literally homemade, in small batches, with loads of extra love poured into each bar. We are committed to offering a line of soaps free from artificial coloring, scents, or harsh chemicals and we use organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever we can!

Officially launched in 2016, we've been dabbling in the DIY life for years now, but our daughters' sensitive skin couldn't be soothed by even the gentlest of store-bought soaps so we had to come up with an homemade solution! Thus, The Bubble Alchemist Soap Co. was born! Whether you've got allergies, eczema, or just plain ol' irritable skin, we've probably got something that will work for you. We've tested all our recipes on our own family to ensure that if our crazy skin loves it, odds are yours will too!

A little bit mad scientist, a little bit hipster homesteader. The Bubble Alchemist.

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